Dramatically improve your skin and reality with our Acne Boot Camp program

combining the power of clinical-grade products customized for your type of acne,

with a series of bi-monthly treatments enhanced with LED Light Therapy.

This exclusive program developed by Face Reality will empower you
with a customized plan to deliver life-changing results with professional coaching
on proprietary acne-safe skincare, nutrition and lifestyle tips to guide you through the entire program.
We provide custom options for every age, gender, acne type and skin type.

The Acne Boot Camp Program has a 95% success rate when you follow our every two-week treatment protocol along with your home care instructions until your skin is clear which typically takes about 6-8 treatments over a 3-4 month period of time.

At each appointment your skin will be analyzed to determine the best treatment protocol for your current needs. Each treatment will include a mild corrective peel or enzyme treatment with steam, extractions and LED light therapy.

LED Light Therapy offers anti-aging benefits and improves texture and skin tone, helping to fade away those pesky dark spots acne can leave behind.

Invest in yourself and love on your skin with our Acne Bootcamp Series!

45 MINUTES//$75

This consultation is required before you begin the Boot Camp treatments.
We will carry out a thorough skin analysis and have you fill out an extensive intake form that includes information about diet, medications, cosmetics, stress and other factors to help us shape your customized treatment and home-care routine to get you started!

60 MINUTES//$100

With LED, extractions, & adjustment to acne med if needed - same as the Solasta Signature facial with an acne focus.

45 MINUTES//$75

With LED, extractions if necessary, & adjustment to acne med if needed.