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60 minutes//$120

Rejuvenate your appearance at any age in the most natural and graceful way possible. The Holistic Lift works through the power of human touch instead of mechanical devices to exercise and re-educate your facial muscles; stimulate cellular renewal, contour and firm, improve elasticity and fullness, decongest and unclog pores. A full 30 minutes of stress melting yet energizing facial massage will leave you thoroughly relaxed and bring out your individual radiance.
*Results are cumulative and you will notice enhanced improvement with each session.

60 minutes//$150

Revolutionize your skin rejuvenation goals with the Rezenerate Wand, a gentler version of micro-needling using a handheld pen with oscillating tip that creates pathways for nutrients to enter and stimulate natural skin healing with absolutely no pain or downtime.  Allow our Nano Facial to not only meet but exceed your expectations with truly corrective and immediate results. Improves your tone texture and soften fine lines, reduces sunspots and pigmentation, minimizes acne and scarring with the long-term benefit of generating increased collagen production for future firmer skin.
Increase effectiveness of your facial for skin transformation with Nanotechnology!


60 minutes//$150

Activate your skin's natural detoxifying and regenerative capabilities with this deeply relaxing exercise for your lymphatic system to improve cellular flow.
This therapeutic, relaxing treatment incorporates a gentle wave-like massage
of the neck, shoulders and face using the original Vodder technique to remove congestion from toxins and decrease inflammation.  Superb for all skin types and conditions like wrinkles, puffy skin, acne-prone complexions and as treatment before and after cosmetic surgery.
Your skin achieves balance and increased nourishment resulting in a clearer complexion, improved tone and color with long-lasting very natural results.
Benefits are dramatic and long lasting especially with regular visits.






60 minutes//$85


Hands on intuitive energy healing and toning, is a unique and profound deeply relaxing experience
that allows for healing of body, mind, spirit.
Each treatment is specifically unique to you, focusing on your present needs.
Energy work is suitable for everybody and great in combination
with any other therapeutic techniques.








Skin peels can play an integral role in any healthy skin care program

and be the game changer your skin needs!

A skin peel, also known as a chemical peel, is a powerful skin-resurfacing treatment

in which the application of highly specialized acid and enzyme solutions remove damaged layers

of cells from the skin’s outer surface for improving the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Experience true skin transformation with our Rhonda Allison Progressive peels.

Mild, yet refining, cultivated to be safe for all skin types; targeting lines & wrinkles, rough texture, dullness, acne, large pores, pigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea and more!

After an in-depth consultation and skin analysis, your Esthetician will select

the best peeling solution for your skin condition & concerns.

This is a quick and low to no downtime treatment!

Your skin may be pink or red for the first 1-2 days, tender to touch or more sensitive

for 1-3 days with light sun-burn type flaking to no visible peeling may occur.

Post care products are REQUIRED and are included in your Initial-Visit price.

These products are designed to ensure your skin heals properly during the post peeling process. Multiple treatments 2-3 weeks apart may be required to achieve your desired results.

Regain youthful, clearer, more beautiful skin –

truly peeling back the years to reveal a new you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chemical peels cannot be done if you are currently using

topical acne medications, prescription creams or over the counter retinol.

Clients must discontinue use for a minimum of 7 days prior to any peel application.


60 minutes//$225

Price includes the required post-care Skin Rehab Kit containing

everything you need to see a successful outcome following your treatment.


45 minutes//$120

Must be booked 2-3 weeks after your Initial Visit.

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