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75 MINUTES//$150

Repair ~ Renew ~ Replenish

Revive your skin and reset with this powerhouse treatment featuring one of nature’s most nutritive
and regenerative foods, pumpkin! Relax and unwind with warm-comforting
aromas of pumpkin, apple, ginger and clove.
Natural pumpkin extracts and enzymes exfoliate dead skin cells for optimum hydration;
deeply nourishing with superior antioxidants & beta carotene to boost
cell turnover & stimulate collagen activity.

Corrects skin damage that may have occurred during the summer months and prepares your skin
for the cooler temperatures and changing elements of the fall season.

Your skin will feel replenished, smooth & toned with renewed Autumn radiance!

~Available only September, October and November~

60 MINUTES//$120

For expecting and new mommas, introducing our Baby On Board facial!

Our Solasta estheticians are taking to heart your essential need for the safest products

and methods to help you look and feel your best.

Throughout pregnancy and the 4th trimester, those ever-changing hormones can cause a variety of skin concerns including acne, melasma, increased dryness and sensitivity.

This nurturing and relaxing performance facial, suitable for all skin types, delivers corrective skincare solutions to restore balance and have you on the road to transformation using only our gentlest toxic-free products for keeping you and your baby safe.

Note: For extra comfort during your treatment our adjustable tables can be elevated to relieve pressure from the lower back.

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