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75 MINUTES//$150

Enjoy this limited edition facial created especially for you in the spirit of
Mother’s Day month!
Includes our unique Spring Awaken Facial plus TWO! complimentary
luxury and indulgent add-on treatments (a $60 value!)
Vibrant Eyes Add-On: Gentle exfoliation of the eye area with a soothing eye mask; rich with antioxidants and hydrating nutrients to leave your eyes feeling firm, toned, bright and refreshed!
Radiant Lips Add-On: Exfoliation of the lips and lip contour area; polishes and enhances your natural lip color followed by a reviving lip mask to nourish, plump and smooth out wrinkles!

~Book our gift to you NOW! Available for a limited time~

75 MINUTES//$150

Refresh ~ Rebalance ~ Restore

Now is the perfect time to shed off winter while indulging in the essence of Spring!
Let the extraordinary flower power of rose hips, cactus flower, hibiscus, blue lotus,
magnolia and passionflower re-awaken your skin and senses with radiance!

This refreshing treatment infuses your skin with vital nutrients, flavonoids and antioxidants
from pure flower extracts, fruits, and milk proteins to polish & brighten, detoxify & rebalance,
improve hydration and resurface healthy new skin cells.

The result is a bright, healthy complexion emerging with vibrance and a revived spirit!

~Available only March, April and May~

60 MINUTES//$120

For expecting and new mommas, introducing our Baby On Board facial!

Our Solasta estheticians are taking to heart your essential need for the safest products

and methods to help you look and feel your best.

Throughout pregnancy and the 4th trimester, those ever-changing hormones can cause a variety of skin concerns including acne, melasma, increased dryness and sensitivity.

This nurturing and relaxing performance facial, suitable for all skin types, delivers corrective skincare solutions to restore balance and have you on the road to transformation using only our gentlest toxic-free products for keeping you and your baby safe.

Note: For extra comfort during your treatment our adjustable tables can be elevated to relieve pressure from the lower back.

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